Viewing Calls

Viewing Calls

  1. Press the History Softkey
  2. All Calls will be shown by default.
    1. Rejected = Missed/Rejected
    2. Answered = Received (Answered)
    3. OutBound = Dialed
    4. Forwarded = Forwarded


  3. You can use the Left_25 & Right_25 (Left & Right) Arrow Buttons to Filter By Call Type: All Calls, Missed Calls, Received Calls, Dialed Calls, Forwarded Calls or Answered Elsewhere

Deleting Calls Individually

  1. Use Up_25 & Down_25 (Up & Down) Arrow Buttons to select a call from the list.
  2. Press the Delete Softkey to remove that call from the History.


  1. Use Up_25 & Down_25 (Up & Down) Arrow Buttons to select a call from the list.
  2. Press the Option Softkey.
  3. Use Up_25 & Down_25 (Up & Down) Arrow Buttons to select an otpion from the list, and press the OK Softkey or the CheckMark_25 Button to Select that Option.


This Screen shows details of the call such as Name, Number, Start Time, Duration, and Account.
Press the Back Softkey to return the Previous Screen, Or the Dial Softkey to all the Number Listed.

Adding to Contacts

You can save the contact info such as Name, Number, Mobile Number, Other Number, Account, Ring Tone, Group, and Photo.
  1. Use the ArrowPad_12-5 Arrow Pad to navigate and the phone keypad to enter text and numbers. To cycle between numbers, letters, & symbol input methiods press the Number Key multiple times, or use theuse the Left_25 & Right_25 (Left & Right) Arrow Buttons.
    Note: the Space, and some Speical characters are found under the “0” and “*” & “#” Keys. You can also toggle the input methiod by pressing the Softkey Labeled 2ab/123/abc/ABC (the label changes based on the Field and Currently selected methiod, 2ab usually being the default)

  2. Press the Save Softkey when done.

    Now Any calls from that Extension/Number as well as any new ones will show the name you just Saved it as.


Add to Blacklist

This Option adds the caller to a Blacklist, preventing further calls from Callers with that CallerID.
To Add the number to the Blacklist, press the Save Softkey.

Delete All

This option purges all calls from the list the you are currently viewing (All Calls, Missed Calls, Received Calls, Dialed Calls, or Forwarded Calls).

Dialing a Number

From the List

  1. Use Up_25 & Down_25 (Up & Down) Arrow Buttons to select a call from the list, and Press the Dial Softkey.

From the Call Detail Screen

  1. Press the Dial Softkey or the or CheckMark_25 Button to initiate a call to that number.

Call Completed Elsewhere explanation

  • With PBXs like FreePBX and many others they have a option in Queues and other modules to “Mark calls answered elsewhere” to yes which by default makes it so that if a caller calls into a queue and the queue calls 5 different agents and 1 of the agents answer the other 4 phones will not show a missed call.  This is handled through SIP RFC3326 also referred to as Marked Answer Elsewhere or Call Completed Elsewhere.
  • With our Firmware version or higher we have added a new Call History Filter to let you still view Calls Answered Elsewhere but they will not show up as missed calls on your phone.
  • Press the History Softkey
  • You can use the Left_25 Arrow Buttons on your phone to switch to the Filter By Call Type: Answered Elsewhere