Why CNS Hosted VoIP

So, with so many options out there, why use CNS Hosted VoIP?

Well, simply put, we’re local, we believe in in-person customer support whenever possible, and we’re a small business run on helping other people, not taking advantage of them.

We offer almost all the same options as the major providers, while keeping your money local.

We do not resell any services, we purchase our airtime directly from the major carriers that supply all of our competitors, and use our own hosted servers to manage that air time.

What does this mean?

Simply put, it means when you need support, you call us, and we fix it. We don’t take a note and submit a ticket to another company to handle it, WE troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Which cuts down on ticket time and speeds up our responses to your issues. It also means that we aren’t setting you up and then handing you off to a partner, when you call you talk to the same people each time, knowledgeable local staff, focused on resolving your issues and who may just invite you to the weekend BBQ from time to time!