Surveillance System Maintenance Plan

For a limited time, we’re extending an offer to select customers. Through March 31st, if you sign up for our Surveillance System Maintenance plan, we will cover any camera, any nvr, regardless of who installed the system or cabling, or how old it is.

Our extended warranties cover full parts and labor on everything, that means if a burglar knocks your camera down, pest chews your wire, or lightning strikes, we’ll replace it, no extra charge! We also come out monthly or quarterly as needed to perform proactive maintenance on the system, from cleaning the lens to keep them in tip top shape, to replacing any cameras or cables that may be beginning to go bad. It also includes unlimited tech support at no charge, so footage pulls, password resets, training, liasing with police or detectives, etc. That’s a fantastic deal when you leverage that fact that the average camera system lasts about 5 years and the average cost of a professional hi-definition 4mp 8 camera system is about 4,000$, and the cost of our maintenance plan over that same time period would cost roughly 2,395$ + tax. This guarantees one of your most vital assets stays in tip top shape with no effort on your part and peace of mind knowing we’ve got your back with no unexpected charges. Call today to get a quote!