Sleep Center Services Server/SFTP Migration

Welcome, updates will be posted here as the transition begins.

It is scheduled for 0730 CST (-6 UTC).

Server is being moved physically from location 0800 CST (-6UTC) – Roland Anderson

Server has successfully been physically migrated. Updating DNS Records now. 1138 CST (-6UTC) – Aaron Gustafson

VPN access has been confirmed working and Fully Qualified Domain Names ARE required to access server resources 1214 CST (-6UTC) Change E-mail with correction for IPSEC VPN will be going out momentarily – Roland Anderson

VPN and RDP connections have been tested. Other than the VPN, no changes should be necessary for clients to connect. FTP is back up and running. SCS Dropbox is still recovering from a crash, and we had to delay the recovery in order to move this server, so that will not be complete until later tonight. 1240 CST (-6UTC) – Roland Anderson

If you have issues please DO NOT CALL, open a ticket by e-mailing [email protected] with Subject SCS FTPVPN Migration and in the body, your name, callback number, and timezone.