How to Static an IP Address

In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to assign static IP addresses and DNS server addresses on Windows 10.

To set up a static address you need to locate the Connection you are using.



1. Click on the Windows Icon Lower left.

2. Click the Settings icon

3. The windows setting screen appears click on the network and Internet link.


4. In the Network status pane locate the change adapter options link and click it


5. You should now see your network adapters. I have two installed and the Wi-Fi adapter is disabled. If your PC is equipped with two; as most are, then only use one and disable the other.

6. Right click on the icon and select properties from the drop down list.


7. Use the scroll bar to locate TCP/IPv4 and click it to highlight it,and then click the properties button.


If you are using DHCP then you should see a screen like the one below.standard-ip-address-settings
You can uncheck the automatic assignment of IP address and or DNS server address. Then enter your own details as show below:



1. My home network use the network address 192.168.1 (first three numbers) also common is 192.168.0 and 10.x.x.x

2. The default gateway is the address of your router. This is assigned to the router as a static IP address.

3. The subnet mask is important as is usually

4. You need the address of 1 DNS server to access websites on the Internet. The Google DNS server is available to use for free but you can use your ISP DNS servers.

5. You can choose to manually assign the DNS addresses and automatically assign the IP address or vice versa.

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