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Updating default tenant-level tag management settings
We’re updating the default tag management settings based on customer feedback. The new defaults eliminate the need for team members to ask owners to create or edit tags on their behalf.

The Teams Admin Center default for who can manage tags will be updated from “Team owners” to “Team owners and members.” Tenant Admins still can override the default and limit Tag Create/Edit to Team Owners only. This simplifies the Tags permissions model and makes it consistent with other Teams concepts like Channels. If you have already made any changes to any option in the Tagging settings, your settings will not be updated and this change will not affect your tenant.

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Key points

  • Timing: This change will start to rollout in late February and we expect to complete the rollout by late April 2022.
  • Roll-out: tenant level
  • Control type: Team owner and team member control
  • Action: review and assess by February 28, 2022

How this will affect your organization:

For new teams created after this change is implemented, all team members will be able to create and manage tags by default, similar to the defaults for create and edit channels. The team owner will still have the option to override this management setting if “Let team owners override who can manage tags” is set to “On” in your Tagging settings in the Teams Admin Center.

What you need to do to prepare:

No specific action is required but you will want to review your settings and update your documentation as necessary.

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