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Virtual Visits – Analytics (GA)
Virtual Visit Analytics provides IT Admins and authorized business users to view Virtual Visit (VV) usage across Bookings and Microsoft Teams EHR Connector. Customers will now be able to understand key metrics like lobby wait time and meeting duration and optimize their Virtual Visits to deliver better business outcomes.

Key points

  • Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88792
  • Timing: We will begin rolling this out in early March and expect to complete rollout late March.
  • Action: review and assess for your organization.
  • Roll-out: tenant level

How this will affect your organization:

The IT Admin for a tenant will be able to see the new Virtual Visits analytics reports in the Teams Admin Center. They can select the report and the data range for which they want to view the analytics. Here they will be able to visualize their Virtual Visit trends as well as see aggregated summaries to understand the impact of Virtual Visits for their organization. They can see the data breakdown for individual features like Bookings and EHR Connector. They can also better understand the average duration and lobby wait time for their customers. The detail report can be exported and easily shared with other stakeholders in the organization. The virtual visits report helps to track both points in time and historical trends (current +4 months) related to virtual visits.

Additional toggles to visualize key metrics within the Virtual Visits Detail Report page for EHR usage, Booking’s usage, No-shows, and Meeting duration.

Additional toggles

Toggle on/off for tenants to opt-in for Virtual Visits analytics.

Toggle on/off for tenants

Prompt to turn on Virtual Visits.

Prompt to turn on Virtual Visits
Note: We will be collecting meeting participation data including Start Time, Number of Attendees, Provider’s Names, Duration and Meeting Status for analytics purposes. You consent to this data being collected and by enabling the Virtual Visits Analytics setting you give Microsoft permission to collect data about Virtual Visits in your organization. For information on our Data Retention Policy please visit: Data retention, deletion, and destruction in Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Service Assurance | Microsoft Docs.

IT Admins will have the option in Teams Admin Center to turn-on/off Analytics for their organization. The toggle will be on by default and can be turned off.

What you need to do to prepare:

You might want to update your documentation as appropriate.

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