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Organization: COMPUTERS N’ STUFF
Microsoft Graph connectors general availability update
Major update: Announcement started
Applied To: All
Microsoft Graph connectors for Microsoft Search provide a set of out-of-the-box search connectors and search & indexing APIs that enable Microsoft 365 customers to connect Microsoft Search to data sources outside of Microsoft 365. This release of Microsoft Graph connectors includes several connectors available within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center such as ServiceNow, Enterprise websites, MediaWiki, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, and Azure SQL and more. For a detailed list of available connectors see also Microsoft Graph connectors gallery.

[Key Points]

  • Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 67139
  • Timing:
    • Targeted release – rolling out now and will complete by the end of November.
    • Standard release – available in February 2021
  • Upon rollout completion, index quota utilization from connectors content will become subject to billing. For more information on licensing and pricing details see also License requirements and pricing.

NOTE: For customers actively using Microsoft Graph connectors prior to November 2020, you will not be charged, until February 2021.

[What you need to do to prepare]

If you plan to use this service, you may need to purchase additional Graph Connector index quota. For more information on licensing and pricing details, please refer to details on Graph Connectors documentation site: License requirements and pricing.

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